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1.1. These Rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) are made in order to secure the rights of you (hereafter - the Buyer) and Internet shops (hereinafter referred to as the Store) Determine the responsibilities and responsibilities of both parties.

1.2. The rules apply when the Buyer uses any form or form in the e-mail account, provides e-mail. the order of the goods offered by the shop, carries out payment of these goods, provides personal or other data, reads the information contained in the online store, and not limited to this (hereafter collectively, the Services).

1.3. The Rules are considered an agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) concluded between the Buyer and UAB Computer Repair Center (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) (Company code 302593367, VAT payer code LT100006208418, address ˗ Silute pl.56 Klaipėda, LT-94181).

1.4. At the time of placing the order, the buyer confirms that he carefully read all the Rules by pressing the button "approve the order" understood their content and, without any reservation, agrees with all the provisions set forth in the Rules and undertakes to comply with them. If the Buyer does not agree to unconditionally and irrevocably assume and observe all the obligations set forth in these Rules, Buyer has no right to use any of the e-Shipment Services.

1.5. El.Payment is exempted from any liability in cases where the loss arises because the Buyer, not taking into account the recommendations and commitments made to him, did not understand the Rules of the Store, although he was given such an opportunity.

1.6. The store reserves the right to change the Rules at any time. The Buyer is subject to the Terms that apply at the time of purchase.


2.1. The buyer must register by filling out the registration form to choose and make an order in the Shop. The buyer has the right to modify, add, or delete data freely at any time.

2.2. The data provided by the customer in the registration will be used exclusively by the Seller, in special cases Seller's Partners, providing services, related to the ordering, purchase and delivery of goods.

2.3. By signing up, the Buyer does not authorize the use of his e-mail, telephone number, address or other personal data for marketing purposes, except in cases when the Buyer himself indicates that he /she wants to receive such information.

2.4. The Buyer confirms that it grants the Seller the right to collect, accumulate, organize, use and handle any rights of the Republic of Lithuania any unauthorized access to any and all personal data provided by the Buyer directly or indirectly to the Seller during the visit to the Shop and using the Services in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in these Rules.

2.5. The Seller undertakes not to disclose information about the Buyer to the Delegated persons, except the Seller's partners, who provide the Customer's order presentation or execution of services. For exiled persons, the Buyer's personal data may be disclosed only on the basis of the Republic of Lithuania in legal cases.

2.6. By signing up, the Buyer undertakes not to reveal his /her login details to anyone. Upon completion of the work, the Buyer must disconnect from the Shops system in order to ensure that no one will access the Buyer data, especially in cases where the Buyer uses a public computer (for example, in a university, in Internet cafes, etc.). The Seller does not assume any liability in this regard if the Buyer discovers your login information or does not disconnect after completing the work. from the Shops system.

2.7. The Seller is entitled at any time, without prior notice, to restrict or suspend the Buyer's access to the Shop Services. Also has the right to terminate the Shop activity without informing the Buyer.


3.1. The order is deemed to be submitted when the Client is familiar with these rules (after reading the check box, "I read and agree" the "Computer Repair Center" e-commerce rules), click the "Book" button, which confirms that you have ordered goods from the shopping cart.

3.2. The conclusion of the Purchase Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Contract") shall be deemed to occur when the Buyer submits an order and the Seller has provided consulting services, which would justify the Buyer's expectations and needs according to the information received by the Buyer, by electronic mail, which was indicated at the time of registration, receive an electronic Letter of "Order confirmation" in which the order of the item (s) is confirmed. From that moment, the Buyer is obligated to pay for the ordered goods at the same time prices and accept these goods.

3.3. Each contract concluded electronically is protected by the Seller.


4.1. The characteristics of each item are described with the relevant item.

4.2. Public offering of goods does not oblige the Seller to sell goods.

4.3. E-shop reserves the right to change the supply of goods at any time.

4.4. El. the store does not accept responsibility for inaccurate and /or incomplete information about the item. Its color, shape or other parameters may vary due to the monitor's features and /or settings used.

4.5. The prices for specific goods are given in Euro and are indicated on each item description. El. the store undertakes goods Sell ​​orders valid at the time of booking and validated by order.

4.6. Value added tax (VAT) is included in the price of the item.

4.7. The delivery price is not included in the price of the item. By submitting an order to the Store, the Buyer will not be able to see the incidental additional service fees. The buyer will receive the final amount with the included service fees in the sent confirmation email.


5.1. Payment for the Goods under the Contract, the Buyer carries out the payment delay period specified in the Order and the Account (if applicable) according to the issued invoices from the date of their issue.

5.2. The Buyer pays for the Goods by bank transfer to the account specified by the Seller or in cash.

5.3. The seller will start the order only upon receipt of full payment for the goods or under the conditions provided for in a separate agreement signed with the Buyer. Prepayment is considered to be made when the total amount payable is received and credited to the Seller's bank account.

5.4. If the payment is not settled by the deadline for payment, the Seller automatically cancels the execution of the order without personalizing the Buyer.

5.5. If the Buyer orders an unusual order by the Seller for the practice of the Goods or an unusual quantity of the Goods, the Seller has the right to demand special the terms of payment for such Order, including, but not limited to, an advance payment order for all or part of the order amount.


6.1. The law of the Republic of Lithuania is applicable to the rules.

6.2. All disputes arising from the enforcement of these rules are resolved by negotiation. Failing to reach agreement, disputes are resolved in the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the law.